Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Knock Me Down Shoes

These suckers are so hard to walk in...wow!  They are hella high though.  I've been wearing flip flops, tennis shoes, ugg boots for probably last 12 years.  I used to be a shoe lover when I was single and clubbing but that was a decade ago.  I need to practice more before I attempt to go out in public again....almost broke my neck the 1st day I got them. 

Why did I buy them you ask (or maybe you didn't but oh welll LOL)...I had a horrible Vday so I ordered me some shoes to make me feel better...LOL (got to love my reasoning) and Steve Madden was having a 50% off sale and that was I all needed to pull the credit card out.

I feel so sexy wearing them but they fricken hurt.  I guess the price of beauty huh!  I warned you all I was doing 2011 different...its about ME.  Also my hubby LOVED them, even texted me later in the day telling me all he could think about is me in the shoes.  Woohoo! 
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An Irish Italian Blessing on March 8, 2011 at 10:27 AM said...

They are definitely cute, there's no way in this life I could ever walk in them carrying my pregnant belly, plus my todder, and completely overstuffed purse. But, they look good on YOU!

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