Monday, February 21, 2011

Being a Waitress at 42

Is HELL on the body!!  It probably doesn't help that I'm a bit overweight either.  This past weekend was our busiest weekend I've had in 10 yrs.  WOW it was awesome but also WHOA all in the same breath.  I'm so happy that I have some good shoes.  I bought some new ones a couple weeks ago (Not Target brand this time) and I feel a big difference- so Thank You new shoes!  I tried to take a nap when I got home but I was on major caffeine overload so my mind was going 20mph while my body was dead to the world.  All good though after an hour of fighting the nap I got up and went shopping with my big tips I made.  Love TIPS!

Smiling all day is fine but sometimes I just want to say WTF to customers.  My biggest gripe is when you add things please except an extra charge...more ingredients people.  I tell people but the looks I get are just plain funny.  Now if you are swapping out one ingredient for another hey that's fine.  I had a customer this weekend add shrimp, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, pesto to a salmon scramble and I told him that would be extra and he said fine.  Now when he got his bill he was horrified that it was and extra $5....ummm dude shrimp alone is $4 so you got a deal! 

I love the cafe I work at because of the regulars!  They rock and I really appreciate them coming in every weekend.  They know about my life and I know about theirs...not personal stuff mainly about each others families!

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