Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 11 – Break Up the Text Monotony

Text Tips

I'm going to start doing these tips for sure.  I capitalize a lot...maybe too much but its how I talk and when I want emphasize I want to emphasize.  I can't use my hands in a post so CAP's it is!  Now using heading tags- GREAT TIP, I will for sure look into doing that.  Bolding keywords- wow eye opener there!  Using Italicize...well I was using that but not the correct way!  I was italicising my words not others though so I just need to turn it around- so will work on that and even I used it in this post.  See I'm learning something :0  Using color....well I need to work on that because yes I use color but it never looks right but wait it might be the bright pink I use.  LOL!

From BlogWorld: Here are a variety of ways to use font tags:

■Use heading tags for your section headlines. This helps your reader identify the different sections of your post – and helps SEO too!
Use bold for keywords/key phrases. Not only should you interlink these, but bolding them helps draw the eye to the most important part of your sentence/paragraph.
Italicize quotes and titles. I typically italicize quotes from people and any book, periodical, or movie titles.
■Add color strategically. I rarely use color, but I see many bloggers use color effectively to really bring attention to specific words on the page.

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