Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~ My Mother's Day 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clearance Deals- Target, Macy's, Kohl's, DSW, and Walmart

I love CLEARANCE DEALS and Befrugal.com is one of the best sites I use to get the DEALS!

BeFrugal.com Cash Back

Use these coupons and deal links from BeFrugal to save big during clearance sales:

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·         Kohl's clearance: 60-80% off during the Gold Star Clearance Event, expires soon. Plus get 4% cash back.
·         DSW clearance: save up to 50% off, expires soon.
·         Walmart clearance: save by shopping clearance items, expires soon. Plus get up to 4% cash back.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Most Deserving Mother Contest~ Win a Year of Free Groovebooks!

  • Post on the GROOVEBOOK Facebook Wall to nominate the #1 Mom
  • Tag the person you're nominating and tell us why they deserve the prize
  • You and the #1 Mom could win a yer of Groovebook FREE
  • Write a tweet to nominate the #1 Mom to tell us why they deserve the prize
  • Tag the person you're nominating and tag @groovebookapp
  • You and the #1 Mom could win a yer of Groovebook FREE

Wow- I know who I might nominate!  How about you- who will you nominate leave me a comment and let me know too! 

Little about GROOVE BOOK: 
You get to pick what pictures you upload each month.  I did make a duplicate of a couple pictures but guess what I can tear them out and give them away because all the pictures are printed on glossy photo paper and perforated for easy removal. That means you can share, frame, decorate, scrapbook and more.  How cool is that- very cool in my book! 

Download APP HERE
Enter PINKMAMASGROOVE coupon code to get your FIRST BOOK FREE YES FREE!!!

You will need to enter your credit card because it is a monthly service. However, you are under no obligation to continue past the first album if you don’t want it. For $2.99 a month it's great way to  get pictures developed CHEAP but the QUALITY is not lost. 

Need a little help~ they have a great YouTube video to walk you through the steps

The Blog WorkShop 2013: 15% OFF COUPON CODE

Last Day to Register is May 10th- REGISTER today and get 15% OFF- and can be used with the payment plan also :)  USE CODE: TBWLM15OFF

I am SUPER EXCITED for this ONLINE CONFERENCE!  This will be my first conference and it works for me because it's online and I don't have to worry about childcare or who is going to cover me at work!  Plus all the Topics Rock and I know I'm going to learn a lot!  

Sign up today (May 10th last day) ~ go HERE to see more info and register! 

Topics that are on the agenda:
Also there are some awesome speakers that I can't wait to hear from- check out who will be talking at the conference:

So who is with me~ Sign up TODAY!!!  Click HERE to register!  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Deals~ Befrugal.com

·         Personalization Mall coupon code: 10% off any order, expires 5/30. Plus get 17% cash back.
·         Bath and Body Works coupon code: 20% off any order, expires 5/12. Plus get 4% cash back.
·         Restaurant.com deal: $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10, expires soon. Plus get 15% cash back.
·         1-800-FLOWERS coupon code: 15% off flowers and gifts, expires 6/30. Plus get 11% cash back.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stress Levels Are HIGH In Our House

Oh My Gosh- can Friday please come like RIGHT NOW!  My hubby has been gone over 2 weeks but will be returning this Friday.  The kids are done- they are having meltdowns right and left.  I'm trying to keep it together for them but I notice that I'm turning to unhealthy foods and a lot of it!  Eating junk food is my stress reliever- not good Pam!!!

Yesterday, lil mama (9 yrs old) wouldn't even get out of bed to go to school.  She laid in my bed until noon- she cried on and off all morning.  She loves going to school so I knew she wasn't faking it to just stay at home- she was sad.  After she talked to her Grandparents and her Daddy she got in a better mood- thank goodness or else we all would have been in trouble.

Today, lil man (11 yrs old) picked fights with his sister and me- not cool dude! He was so disrespectful in his words and actions, I had to call his daddy to get him to calm down.  He felt so bad for his meltdown but we are all dealing with this last week so emotionally so we hugged it out but he also knows that this won't be tolerated.

We are all dealing with the stress of Dad being gone in our own ways but we all know we are also here for each other.

Our family unit is tight, we spend a lot of time together and we enjoy each other.  So having Dad gone for 3 weeks has put us in a whirlwind and we don't know quite how to handle these emotions.  However, we all need to look at the BIG PICTURE- Dad being gone is not to hurt us but to make our situation better. With this new position and raise we no longer will need to worry if our rent will be paid on time.  We are not going to be rich but we can breathe.

I'm also taking strides to make our family unit stronger and thriving by starting my own Virtual Assistant website.  I've been doing a lot of training and I know what direction I need to go to make this happen.  We are super excited about our future- let's just hope we can get through these next couple days, HEHEHE!

May Referral Contest~ Cree and Scooter Parent Ambassador Program

This month we are giving away a $25 Gift Certificate (your choice) to the Parent Ambassador who referrals the most parents to the program. Please join and start getting others to sign up- we are trying to grow this community to get the word out about CREE AND SCOOTER!  No one is in the lead yet and I'm not included so it's real fair! 

My Review HERE


Sign Up!


After parents join Cree and Scooter’s FanCorps online community they can complete tasks that are sent out by Cree and Scooter.

  • Post a picture holding your Cree and Scooter book
  • Like Cree and Scooter on Facebook
  • Follow Cree and Scooter on Twitter
  • Blog About Book/Parent Ambassador Program
  • Social media involvement- retweeting, uploading pictures, sharing posts, etc…
  • Purchasing the book or merchandise
  • Referring people to Cree and Scooter website

  • Cree and Scooter will reward their Parent Ambassador advocates for their efforts and influence. Aside from gaining exclusive access to the community they will earn virtual currency for completing promotional tasks. Credits earned can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, prizes, and content.  

    • Attend official Cree and  Scooter events
    • Getting a Cree and Scooter Book
    • Cree and Scooter merchandise
    • Popular brand merchandise
    • Money gift cards
    • Restaurant gift cards
    • Tickets to concert
    • Spa gift cards
    • Amusement & Attraction passes
    • Family Vacations
    • And lots more

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    Galileo Summer Quest 5th-8th Grade Camps- Coupon Code

    Do you live in the Bay Area and are looking for something for your 5th-8th grader to do this summer besides playing video games all day- you need to check out Galileo Summer Quest Program!


    When kids get to around 5th grade, something happens. Suddenly, they’re ready to pick a passion and go deep exploring it. That’s where Galileo goes deep, too.
    Galileo Summer Quest gives burgeoning visionaries the opportunity to take the next step. They continue to leverage our Stanford-innovation process, but in place of weekly themes we introduce weekly majors.

    Inspired by expert instructors – many of them professionals in their fields – campers realize their personal vision in one or more of 14 majors. Each week is an opportunity to try something new, or go deeper in a major they already love.

    Use COUPON CODE: 2013INNOVATE -- $25 off (limit one per camper, Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest) Expires: May 31, 2013.

    Check out Galileo Camp HERE for more info and sign up now before all classes are full! 

    Customize your summer. Combine the week long majors that inspire your kids the most.

    Each week of summer camp is a deep dive during which campers explore and express their own personal vision as part of a community of innovators.  Returning campers can explore something new or dive back into a major they love. Armed with a week’s worth of experience, campers return to familiar majors ready learn more sophisticated concepts and try more ambitious projects.

    Whether the major is new or familiar, the opportunities for innovation are endless. 

    • Digital Photography
    • Digital Filmmaking
    • Comic Book Workshop
    • Painter's Studio
    • Fashion Design

    • Intro to Video Game Design
    • Video Game Design Advanced
    • Website Design
    • Lego Robotics

    • Chefology: Simply Savory
    • Chefology: Decadent Desserts

    • Go-Kart Builders
    • Go-Karts Extreme
    • Inventor's Workshop"

  • "Galileo has 14 Summer Quest locations in the Bay Area. So it’s more likely than ever that there’s one convenient to you.

    Peninsula Camps
    • Hillsborough: Crystal Springs Uplands School
    • Los Altos: Santa Rita Elementary School
    • Palo Alto: Palo Alto High School
    • San Carlos: Arundel Elementary School
    • Woodside: Woodside School

    East Bay Camps
    • Fremont: Gomes Elementary School
    • Lafayette: Stanley Middle School
    • Oakland: Holy Names High School

    South Bay Camps
    • San Jose Almaden: Los Alamitos Elementary School
    • San Jose Evergreen: James F. Smith Elementary
    • Saratoga: Sacred Heart School
    • Sunnyvale: Resurrection Catholic School

    San Francisco ands Marin Camps
    • San Francisco: Brandeis Hillel Day School
    • Tiburon: Bel Aire School"

    Classes are filling up quickly so sign up here today! 

  • Friday, May 3, 2013

    Save $10 On Harlem Globetrotters Summer Skills Clinic

    Harlem Globetrotter Summer Skills Clinics, the ONLY clinics coached by stars of The Harlem Globetrotters, are coming to the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas the week of June 17, June 24, and July 8.  The 2 hour clinics are every day June 17-22, June 24-29, and July 8-13 with your choice of 3 convenient times and locations for your child to play ball with a Globetrotter star! 

    Now everything awesome - kids, basketball, teamwork, and having fun – comes together at destination awesome: Harlem Globetrotter Summer Skills Clinics, the ONLY clinics coached by stars of The Harlem Globetrotters!

    Everyone loves The Globetrotters, the stars who always put smiles on kids’ faces. At Globetrotter Summer Skills Clinics, our stars coach kids in limited size groups and bring laughs, encouragement and high fives for everyone! Globetrotters direct, motivate, inspire AND entertain, keeping it inclusive and fun for ALL boys and girls, aged 6-12, of ALL skill and experience levels. Each session is $59 and includes a free ticket voucher to see the Globetrotters live in 2014!  But you can save $10 with promo code USFAMILY! Code is valid through 5/31.

    Each child will receive: 

    • A free ticket voucher (valued up to $40) to see the Globetrotters during their 2014 World Tour
    • Autographs and photos with the stars!
    • Official Globetrotter certificate of completion with a personalized Globetrotter nickname

    Clinic Locations: http://globi.es/GlobetrotterClinicsUSFAMILY

    Save $10 on registration! Enter the Coupon Code USFAMILY on the cart page after completing your registration http://globi.es/GlobetrotterClinicsUSFAMILY

    REGISTER TODAY - Hurry Limited Capacity

    Forward this to your friends and share with your facebook fans and twitter followers TODAY! There is a limited number of spots!

    USFAMILY/The Harlem Globetrotters Sponsored this post. 

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    CardNanny.com: Monthly Budget Manager- 14 Day Free Trial Coupon Code

    With my husband starting a new position, we will have more financial responsibilities coming up in the future (new car, college savings, and retirement) so we will need some help creating a budget.  I came across an online Monthly Budget Manager that fits what we need and it's only $5.95 a month- easy and affordable!

    CardNanny (love the name too) Features:
    • Budget Management:  Keep track of budget by entering your monthly income and bills.  Then you will see exactly how much you're spending each month on particular items.  You can 100% customize your categories.
    • Text/Email Reminders: I would love to get a reminder when the cable bill or the cell phone needs to be paid.  By the way 35% of your FICO score is payment history so setting up these reminders will help you not be late. 
    • Tracks Reward Points: I know I've missed out or totally forgot about some of my credit card rewards so this is wonderful feature. 
    • Manage Goals/To Do Lists//Notes: I need something to keep me on track with my money goals and to have everything on one site is awesome. I loose those to do notes!
    • Store Receipts/Warranties:  Upload receipts so you don't miss those warranty periods.  I always seem to forget about those. 
    • Card Management:  Keep track of spending on what card and their balances. 
    • Credit Card Application Status: Helpful information when applying for new cards
    • Provides Reliable Help/Support: Knowing you have the support of the site that is tracking your money and info is a must! 

    I know several people who would love CardNanny because it would help them be more organized with finances, save time because everything is in one place, and that means more time doing FUN stuff!

    PinkMama's Place Readers get a 14 Day FREE TRIAL by using this coupon code: TryForFree

    Give it a try and let me know how YOU like it!

    Want more info or take a tour please visit CardNanny HERE.

    Also you can LIKE on Facebook and FOLLOW on Twitter.

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