Monday, April 13, 2009

Leaving for WA trip TODAY!

I'm tired but I have soooooo much to do. Its hard packing and remembering what everyone wants to bring. Basically trying to make everyone HAPPY! I don't think I've ever been so caught up on my laundry in 3 yrs though...lol! Oh my did I just admit that.

The kids were so excited last night that they couldn't go to bed. Hubby was a bit upset since this was our last night together for 9 days. Sorry honey!

Lil Mama got her very own DS yesterday so both kids will have something to do on the plane/airport.

I'm bringing my comp so I'm hoping to do work plus post fun stuff on here.

I get to see my grandson....I hope. My grandma's 90th B'day and my dad's 60th B'day all in one week. We will be busy but its so worth it!

Well off to do more work...a moms job is never done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Andre's 1st Day w/Great Grandma

Well I became a GRANDMOTHER on March 29th...woohoo! His name is Andre Aidan and is just a cutie (like is grandmother of course).

My mom went up to the hospital to get some pictures of Baby Andrew's first day. I live in Cali and they live in Wa so I couldn't go see him but bless my mom's heart she went up there for me.

My Mom and Andrew

Cutie....I know! LOL.

Welcome to this world Baby Andre. I'm coming up to see you on April 15th!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your Breathe Smells Like Death...

...is what my sweet daughter said to her brother!

OMG I almost died. Then of course Lil Man had to prove it to me by blowing in my face. Ewwwww! After fighting that cloud I told him he forget to do something this morning like brush and floss! Sunday's are real relaxed around here since I'm at work and Daddy is in charge, lol!

What a GREAT day we had!

Yesterday, Ron was invited to AIRBRUSH at Redwood City's Little League Opening Ceremony. We had a blast. It was a long day but soooooo worth it. Lil Mama and Lil Man had fun playing with the other kids and watching the baseball games. Ron was non-stop spraying from 9-3. I took the orders, answered questions, and I put t-shirts on the boards for him. The parents and kids were all so friendly. We felt so good about how the day went that we fell asleep with smiles on our faces. Now that was a good day!

We might have to look into other events like this because it was so much FUN!

Thank you Redwood City Little League!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I found my PERFECT Purse~

I of course LOVE this bag but I don't think I could ever bring myself to buy a $69 purse. In my head...there is so many other things you can get for $69, Pam! But if I ever come across lots and lots of money ( I know big wishes) I am buying this!
Hey if you like too look or maybe buy then this store has more to offer: sunglasses, caps, hoodies, handbags, and UGGs.
I know "label label label" but I still like them.

To My God Mother~Patty

You have brought my mom a lot of happiness in her life and I'm sure she did the same for you. I remember when I was I young I loved looking at your pictures and wanting to be like you when I got older. You were so pretty and always had a smile. Thank You for spoiling Nick when I was absent from his life. I know the last 3 years have been very rough but you always had that smile for me when I saw you. You are in a better place now but you will be missed VERY MUCH and I'm hoping you will look out for my mom, she is in need of REAL ANGEL! Love you~Pami

Sahara lost her FIRST TOOTH

This tooth has been loose for several weeks. Yesterday, I think she finally had it and just started wiggling it. Then when the bleeding started she got all FREAKED OUT so Mommy to the rescue and I just pulled on it very lightly....out it came. She didn't quite understand all the blood but was okay after about 2 minutes...lol! She was so proud...so was I! Everyone was saying how young she was to loose her first tooth but Lil Man was 4 too!

I did remember to be the tooth fairy last night. Woohoo because I've been having a hard time with that w/Lil Man.
She is still talking about it today and loves to play with the hole in her mouth. I do that too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Week-Right???

Well it's Monday and I really need a fresh start.

Last week SUCKED-the robbery and dealing w/aftermath with the kids. Lil Mama still needs one of us to take her to the bathroom and upstairs. She is afraid of little noises too. Lil Man just keeps a bat by his bed.

Week before that SUCKED-Sick in bed for almost 4 days. However, this cough sure wants to hang around.

Can I please have a GREAT WEEK?? Yes, I can. I have smile on my face and not stressing on all the little things helps a lot. I'm doing marketing for a cafe customer, Ron's Airbrush site, and my Bargain Shopping site every day so I feel I'm getting stuff accomplished.

On this Saturday Ron is setting up at an Little League event in Redwood City and we got this gig by my networking so very happy about that. Money Money Money but exposure is what we really need.

I'm working on my Motivation Mojo...on my 13th day (out of 21). I've been battling with myself on not letting the robbery and sickness get in my way of learning and completing this workshop.

This week I want to get some things organized.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I walked in on a Burglary

at my house! Very scary stuff. Every minute something different pops in my head and I keep going over everything that happened. Stressing big time. Tomorrow will be a better day.

I didn't cry in front to the kids but I sure did break down when they went to bed. Which was not an easy task. I'm talking about putting them to bed. They didn't feel comfortable being alone so they fell asleep downstairs with us.

I'm going to write more about this tomorrow because how I feel right now is giving me a HUGE headache and I just want to rest. I'm sure I won't sleep very well but who would.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ummmm YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby bless his heart is slob yep I said it! Our room reflects our cleaning personnalites. My side all dusted, things put where they are suppose to be, no clothes on floor, nice and neat! Hubby's side has clothes, beer cans, food wrappers, papers, newspaper and other garbage. I've cleaned the whole room a 1000 times but I think after 1001 I said FORGET IT. I would clean and put away his stuff and the next day garbage all over again. So I gave up! I know some people will say WTF your his wife you should clean his side of room....no I don't! I've been with my hubby for 10 yrs and about 5 yrs ago I gave up on this fight. Someday I hope this will change but for now it works. It's quite funny in my house because every space my hubby has is a HOT MESS. We have a U shaped desk and I have one side and Ron has one side. Guess what it looks like...yep messy on his side and clean and organized on my side. Then there is the garage where he airbrushes...omg I don't even know why customers come back because that is plain DIRTY! I gave up because he doesn't care and he has told me that. This is one thing I'm going to try to work on and get over my resentment with my hubby. I need to let some crap go. I just don't feel like I have to pick up after a grown man but if I want a clean house I'm going to have to, lol! Not sure when but I will tackle this issue!

The email was a about a book at Barnes and Noble: Busy Mom's Guide to a Happy, Organized Home: Fast Solutions to Hundreds of Everyday Dilemmas.

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