Monday, March 23, 2009

New Week-Right???

Well it's Monday and I really need a fresh start.

Last week SUCKED-the robbery and dealing w/aftermath with the kids. Lil Mama still needs one of us to take her to the bathroom and upstairs. She is afraid of little noises too. Lil Man just keeps a bat by his bed.

Week before that SUCKED-Sick in bed for almost 4 days. However, this cough sure wants to hang around.

Can I please have a GREAT WEEK?? Yes, I can. I have smile on my face and not stressing on all the little things helps a lot. I'm doing marketing for a cafe customer, Ron's Airbrush site, and my Bargain Shopping site every day so I feel I'm getting stuff accomplished.

On this Saturday Ron is setting up at an Little League event in Redwood City and we got this gig by my networking so very happy about that. Money Money Money but exposure is what we really need.

I'm working on my Motivation Mojo...on my 13th day (out of 21). I've been battling with myself on not letting the robbery and sickness get in my way of learning and completing this workshop.

This week I want to get some things organized.
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