Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flu Flu Flu go away

Wow that was horrible. For 2 days I was bed ridden and looked scary! My hubby stepped up (woohoo) and took my place this week in the kids life. He's usually in the background playing video games, on the computer, or painting. So with me out of commission someone had to run this house and he did it. Yes, of course I had to hear how tired he was working and then coming home dealing w/kids, dinner, homework, and clean-up. Hey dude I do this everyday I know how tiring it is but it needs to be done!

Tomorrow, I do have a lot of catch up on housework and laundry but its not as bad as I was thinking. On Friday I was suppose to go to a field trip w/Ronnell's school and I'm still debating on going but my hubby promises to go. We have to drive our own kids so one parent has to go at least.

When I get up and do things the sweats still get me and I get all dizzy. Tomorrow I better be able to clean w/o passing out!

Thanks to all my friends for all their good thoughts!!!
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