Friday, February 13, 2009

I had fun today with the kids

We played all day. It started out with Wii games (bowling, golf, yoga) and everyone won something so it was a big hit. I bowled a 218! A new record for me.

Then it was lunch time they helped make their sandwiches. Even though they make a mess its worth seeing their independence and pride.

After lunch was reading time. So proud of Lil Man he is reading a WHOLE Dr Seuss book. He didn't like to read for along time but now he is into it and WOOHOO! He read 27 pages by himself and only needed my help on a couple words.

We did Valentine cards for the kids next door (yes the bad ones). The kids did such great art work that it was hard giving them away.

Then we did a little bit of dance but I can handle just so much Hannah Montana. I made the excuse I had to clean some things around the house.

Then they wanted to watch a movie....High School Musical. Daddy went and got dinner so we had a big picnic on the living room floor. Daddy of course is not a fan of HSM so he didn't have a picnic with us...lucky Daddy (LOL). The movie wasn't bad it was just so goody goody but that's perfect for my kids.

9:00 pm they both passed out with smiles on their faces so as I mom that made me feel wonderful.

Now for Mommy time because daddy is passed out too. What's on the DVR????

Lil Man's School

Yesterday, I was at his school from 8:30-3:30 and WOW! His teacher has a lot to deal with her class on a daily basis. She is a great teacher and has control of her class for sure. I personally would go crazy dealing with all the different personalities. 20 kids is a lot to handle but she does a WONDERFUL JOB! She is also expecting in June so I give her even more props.

I helped with their writing, reading, and centers. Lil Mama was with me and she had her preschool workbook but the teacher gave her some class work to do too. She showed all the classmates she could do the work and they were impressed since they didn't think she could talk. She is quite shy until she is comfortable with ya and then she is non stop, lol!

After lunch the whole school had a Valentine Day Festival and it was fun. Lil Man of course ran with his school buddies. I was suppose to be working the Dance Party but the person who was suppose to set up the PA system and had the IPOD full of Kids Dance songs didn't show up so it wasn't much fun. Lil Mama wanted to check out all the fun games anyways so we walked around a lot! She won a cool pencil she gave to her bro bro. At 3:15 we left for bowling with 2 other kids. That was 2 hr event so we didn't get home until 6:15 and boy was I tired. The kids were a bit hyped up on sugar from the Party so it was hard to get them calmed down.

I had a great time and now have new appreciation for teachers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a Trapped Fashion Diva

Yep, that's right TRAPPED. Before kids I got my nails done every week, shoes bought monthly, makeup in its own bag and neat, hair done monthly, clothes bought monthly and if I saw a handbag I liked I got it. I was not a label wh**e but if it was on sale then I got it.

Then kids came and my priorities of course changed. No more nails, hair done maybe every 6 months, makeup-what's that..oh wait I have lip gloss, shoes are bought maybe once a year-nothing cute just comfy, clothes- only on sale at Target, and handbags I do buy one "cool" handbag a year.

I really only shop at Target these days (I haven't been there since Jan 13th though) and its all about toys, art/craft stuff, and cool stuff for the kids.

Lost myself but my kids are well worth it. However, I will be taking back some of my identity and doing things that make me feel good about myself. If I feel good than everyone in the house will feel good.

I still want to shop like I'm 20 but I fight the urge and win.

Not sure why I had to share this but when I have dreams of getting my nails and hair done I know I missing something in my life....lol!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost 1.5 lbs Woohoo!

I know its not much but months of really nothing this is BIG TIME for me. I need to keep up the WiiFit, 5x a week is my goal.

Check out my progress at http://mywiifitprogress.blogspot.com/

I would love a WiiFit buddy so if anyone out there wants to be my buddy please let me know!

I want to loose 30 lbs by the end of Summer. I think this is very reasonable.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Kids Tattled On Me

Can you believe that? They told Daddy last night that I called him LAZY. Well he is!!! The other morning I woke up to a big mess left by daddy and YES I called him lazy in front of the kids. He was home all weekend without kids. I work on weekends so he had the house to himself but he did nothing but play video games, watch sports and get drunk. But guess what, he does even when the kids are home and always uses the excuse I CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE BECAUSE THE KIDS ARE IN MY WAY. Well this weekend there were no kids but what's the excuse now....YOUR LAZY. I'm not asking him to mop, vacuum, dust JUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. I love to step on bottle caps in the morning time, love that! I have to stop or this might turn into a bitchfest and I don't want to do that...quite yet, lol!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it time to shave....

when the hair on your legs start to curl? eww gross!

I have given up on shaving legs I guess. Not good. When I take a shower (can't take baths)I either have Lil Mama in the shower with me or both kids are in the bathroom talking to me even when I tell them to get out. I will lock the door but then I have to hear "mommy I have to go pee" until I open the door. I would have to get up at 6am to take a shower in piece.

I need to work on this because if I'm not feeling good about myself then I'm not being my best. I know a lil petty thing but when your legs are smooth don't you feel good. I forgot that feeling. Next thing is my nails.

I tell ya I've lost myself in motherhood and I'm getting her back someday and I won't have hairy legs!

Karma is B**tch!

Yesterday, I was not very nice to my co-workers because I was very hormonal. Yep blame it on woman issues! I didn't want to be mean but somethings I saw I was WTF and had to confront them.

Well this morning I woke up with my face swollen due to an abscess on my upper tooth. Ugh! I haven't had a abscess for years and all of sudden I have one. And PMSing real bad, someone is out to get me this week I swear.

I guess I will be nice next weekend and if I'm not I might wake up with a boil on my butt!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh My... Hamburger Helper Again

I have one child who is my pickiest eater and the other pretty much eats what I put in front of him. Tonight they tricked me. Lil Mama wanted Hamburger Helper for dinner and letting me know she LOVES it. Lil Mama is my picky eater so I was like really you will eat this and she said yes! Guess what we are having for dinner.

Lil Man got home from school and asked me what we were going to have for dinner. I told him Hamburger Helper and he made this face like he just drank some sour milk. He informs me that he is not eating that crap...um your 7, crap should not be coming out of your mouth or even telling me that your not eating. I ignored his many wishes of different things to cook, his whining, and his speech on how yucky Hamburger Helper. Well as much as he bitched guess who ate ALL his dinner...yep Lil Man! I don't cater to my kids...if they don't eat what I make then they don't eat.

Mom wins!

I know I'm getting old when....t

I need to drink coffee at night to have some alone time with hubby. These kids take a toll on my old body. Okay, the extra pounds don't help either. Ugh...old and fat. Geez. I'm sure my hubby won't complain that I'm wired and frisky tonight...lol!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lil Mama doesn't need me anymore....

to help her SWING. I know your thinking "huh" but Lil Mama is my last baby and she told me yesterday at the park she doesn't need me to push her on the swing anymore. My heart hurt hearing that. It confirms she is growing up but also it confirmed yet one more thing I can't do for her anymore. It's hard to give up these simple "mom" jobs. I felt lost at the park yesterday they didn't need me to play with them at all. So I guess I will start bringing a book to read. Hey wait this might not be a bad thing....I might be able to actually read a book while they play. We will see!

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