Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week Of School- Thumbs Up

First, I want to say THANK GOODNESS I'm not homeschooling this year.  I didn't mind doing it for the couple months I needed too but all of us are happy that regular school is in session.  The kids have been home non-stop for 5 months so I've been going crazy with my house and the CLUTTER!  Plus its nice to have some breathing room.  I loved taking a shower without interruptions plus I get to eat my whole lunch without someone grabbing something off my plate. I'm happy they are in school.

This first week of school has been getting out at 1:25pm so almost a full day.  The kids are LOVING their new school. They have been super tired and cranky when they come home maybe because they haven't been simulated like this for a long time.

Lil Mama is meeting new friends and she loves that.  She likes her teacher and is very happy she got in the same class as her BFF.

Lil Man is happy with his teacher and knows a couple other kids in his class.  His BFF is in another 5th grade class but they hangout at recess and lunch.  One day he didn't have anyone to talk with during lunch so he felt that "new kid" feeling but we had a talk and I told him he just needs to reach out to others.

They both LOVE that the school has a library!  They are looking forward to the Salad Bar but that isn't quite open yet.  This seems a great fit for the kids and I'm super happy I got them into a school.

Now is it a good fit for me....LOL!  Who cares as long as the kids are happy.  I just know I need to get a planner because this school has activities every week it seems and if I'm going to keep it all together I better be inputting all these dates into my iPhone NOW!

This week I got some projects done around the house too! Good week indeed.
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