Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biking the Kids to School is Kicking My Big Booty!

Who's BRILLIANT idea was this????  Whoever it was needs to be kicked.  Actually it's my butt that getting kicked by the bike! My 43yr old big booty overweight self really thought I would have no problems biking the kids to school- HAHA fooled me!

First of all finding a bike was STRESSFUL.  I thought hey walk in and walk out with a bike. Yeah that didn't happen.  I went to some COOL bike stores first and that was an eye opener on the bike prices.  The bikes in my price range looked like they were thrown down a hill and stomped on a couple times.  Then I checked out Target and they had some cool bikes that fit in my budget but my hubby wasn't there so I didn't get it- big mistake but I'm such a girl!  Two days later I head back to the Target with hubby and of course the night before school starts (I'm such a SAG!) and guess what NO BIKES!  So we head over to Toys R Us to see if they carry adult bikes, they do but not too many.  Every bike we picked had a warped tire and we were desperate so we let the salesman change the tire ( 2 diff colored tires) and out the door we go with a bike.  Later that evening I rode the bike around and didn't really like how it rode but I needed it so I kept quiet.

Next morning we are so excited to bike to school!  We get a couple blocks away from home and BAM the bike breaks down- won't go anywhere just pedals in circles so of course something wrong with gears. I walk it about a mile. I'm pissed, really pissed because 1st day of school and here we can't even get there.  I call a friend she picks us up and we get to school. Another friend brought me back home and then I had another friend help me go get the bikes.  WHAT A DAY!  I was drained but knew we had to find a bike when hubby got home.  We get our money back from TRU and decided not to get another bike there.  We drive to another Target and there is 1 adult female bike and it was calling my name "PAM BUY ME!"  It was pink, big booty seat, and a basket on front but it was too much- but I broke down and purchased it because I didn't want to keep going to stores.  I sucked it up and paid that $$$!

Following morning went okay but I'm so out of shape I probably walked that damn cute bike more than rode it.  Going back home was a breeze because all down hill!  However, the kids get out early all week so I would have to trek up there at 1pm to get them.  I knew I couldn't do it.  I called my friend's hubby and he didn't mind picking them up.  Phew because that ride took all of me!

Now for the 3rd day~ I couldn't even make it all the way to the school.  The hill kills me so I sent the kids ahead of me and watched them bike straight to school.  My heart was beating so hard and getting older this scares me so I had to stop.  My kids were excited because I was slowing them down.

By next Thursday I'm hoping I can make that bike ride (BTW its 2 miles) with out the huffing, puffing, the red face and the heart beating 100 miles a minute.   My big booty needs this but its fighting back and kicking my ass right now!   BUT I WILL DO DAMN IT!
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Neisa on August 30, 2012 at 12:05 PM said...

I have a bkie almost exactly like yours and I love it (http://lucalooandwhoopdiedo.blogspot.com/2012/05/week-in-life.html). You sound so much like me, my first bike ride was around the block and I thought I was going to die! We do not ride bikes to school because I head to the office after. We have ridden to my son's school before since there is a park down the street and there are hills. It's not easy, but don't give up.

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