Friday, June 15, 2012

Trying to Clean House with Kids- A Joke!

I'm not sure who is worse the kids or the hubby!  My mom is coming in a couple days so of course I'm trying to tidy up the house.  I know she knows what I live with so I'm sure she won't verbally judge me outloud.  LOL!  She isn't like that but she might say in her head "damn Pam!" 

I'm trying to clean but it seems like no matter how much I clean the kids mess it up anyways!  I did the carpets the other day and within 12 hours a nice spot appears on the carpet but guess who did it...HUBBY! 

I just wish people (the Allen's) would RESPECT that I want a clean house but with my clan it's just not going to happen.  Do I really have to wait until they move out?  I'm not saying we have garbage everywhere (hell no) but everything should have a place right?  Put it back where it belongs.  If you are done with something-PUT IT BACK!  Close cupboards!  Every morning I get up the cupboards are open- how hard is it to close it.  How hard is it to put the dishes in the sink...not the table! How hard is it pick up the clothes you wore and put in laundry basket- not the floor.  Oh that's right...mom/pam will do it.  Can you tell I'm a bit PO'd at my family?  I ask for help and I don't get much back but they sure do want a lot from me.  I cook, clean, and laundry for everyone but no one wants to help keep our house clean.  When I ask for help I usually get the response "Later Mom" or "I'll do it Sat/Sun" and most of the time it doesn't get done unless I ask 10 times and I hate that! 

I found this on Pinterest the other day:
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