Friday, June 29, 2012

10 Minute Family Clean-Up Helped!

Yesterday, I had a semi meltdown.  I feel like in the past couple months I haven't had a break.  Oh wait I do when I go to work on Sat/Sun.  LOL!  I homeschooled the kids for a 1 1/2 then summer hit so basically I have been with the kids pretty much 24/7!  Everything the kids need to do I'm the one who does it with them or takes them to or we have other kids are over here. 

The kids and I went on a vacation with my mom and had a blast but not much "me" time and now we are back its housework in the morning then swimming in the afternoon then dinner.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and crowded. 

So yesterday I went out on the porch screaming "GIVE ME SPACE" because between the fighting, tattling, and the 20 questions I had just about enough.  I love my kids but sometimes I need to breathe!  Dad gets a lot of "him" time so it sure would be nice if he said "Baby, go do something by yourself and leave the kids at home"  I haven't ever heard that- now when he goes to his mom's house every couple months I get a break for the weekend and that sure is a blessing. 

Wow... did that turn into a VENT- anyways last night I made the announcement after dinner that everyone was going to do a 10 minute pick up.  I got some ohhs and awws but I shrugged it off and followed through on my threat.  I took the kitchen, kids had their rooms/living room, and hubby had our room.  Everyone jumped in and put things away so after 10 minutes my house looked like it does in the morning when I do my morning clean-up.  I loved going to bed with a clean house.  I loved it better getting up and knowing I didn't have to spend 40 minutes cleaning. 

I actually woke up and went outside to clean front yard.  That felt good.  If everyone chips in then maybe I won't feel like I'm doing everything (and stop bitching about it) and I might not feel so overwhelmed! 

We are so doing 10 minute CLEAN UP every night!!!!
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