Monday, September 19, 2011

Our 5yr Wedding Anniversary

Wow made it 5 yrs..hot damn.  I've been with my hubby for 12 years-been  married 5 of them.  I must have grown up because this is my longest relationship EVER! 

I'm not saying we have the perfect marriage (far from it) but hey we make it work.  I've learned to choose my battles. I'm not a fighter but a lover so I tend not to fight too much.  Don't you think fighting takes up way too much time plus energy.  Yes, I mumble under my breath when I walk into the kitchen and he has left every cupboard open but I close them since its ME who it bothers not HIM.  Or when I look at his side of the bedroom and I just want to scream "CLEAN YOUR AREA MF"  Why don't I just clean his area up..you ask?  Because he is grown and can clean up after himself!  I cook his food, clean the other parts of the house and fold his laundry so throwing away his nightly beer bottles and putting away his clothes is NOT asking much in my world.  We all have our own way and this way works for us for now..lol! 

He deals with my monthly painful monthly attacks, my bitchiness, and all the other crap I put him through. Plus he makes me laugh daily.  I'm good and the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  Sometimes we think it is but its not. 

So on with the next 5 years...lets see what we can accomplish and how much we grow.  Because I have GROWN a lot with my hubby and with that said I'm looking forward to the years ahead, I think LOL! 

Laughter- Love - Life !!!

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