Thursday, September 29, 2011

Comcast vs. AT&T

We have been a AT&T customers for a long time and they have been OK.  Over the years we have had a love hate relationship but it never got to the point (ok maybe a couple times) that I just wanted to QUIT their service.  However, last week we got notice that our bill is going up to $200- for Internet and Cable ONLY!  WTF!

Very odd thing happened the day we got THAT notice a Comcast door to door salesman came knocking letting us know he will give us a deal- $89 a month for Cable, Internet and Phone.  We haven't had a phone here for the whole 2years- we did have it set up but AT&T couldn't figure out why we couldn't get phone service and never came back to fix it.  We had cell phones so no big deal.  Well the kids are getting bigger and it would be nice to have a phone for them to use. 

We said YES we would give it shot- 30 days to try it.  Comcast came and did the install but I found out they are NOT wireless and we had to go buy a wireless router but that was okay because I think we should have done that awhile back for the video game players anyways.  Then when he set up the phone he said the phone line was cut...shame on you AT&Tfor not figuring that out!

Do I like Comcast better?  It has its pro's and con's!
  • Picture is far better
  • a lot more channels
  • loving On Demand
  • have HD now
  • my hubby has more sports to watch
  • I can only DVR 2 programs at a time
  • TV/Internet gets stuck sometimes
  • The channel guide and menu sucks
  • Very confusing sometimes (but that could just be me lol)
We have only had a couple days so not sure if I can say we LOVE or HATE it yet.  Who do you go thru and what is your opinion.

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