Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Work!

Well I did it....I went back to the Cafe.  I know I bitched and moaned when I quit but I'm happy to be back.  I really missed my customers, making people smile is very important to me.  I like to make peoples day when they come in to enjoy food/coffee.  When you go out and spend money don't you want it to be a good experience- I know I do so I like to give that to others. 

Will things be different, no idea but for me I'm just not going to let the craziness effect me.  I can't change people and if customer service is not their main reason for working at the cafe- not my problem...I can only do ME! 
It feels SOOOOO GOOD having some money in my pocket too.  I was getting very depressed.  Having to ask someone else for money was not fun (even though it was my hubby).  He was okay about it but I could tell it was stressing him out. 
We got a bit behind on bills and we will be playing catch for a couple months but we did SURVIVE.  I feel very blessed to be able to go back to work.  So Waitress Pam is BACK!  Now I just have to convince my body it will be OK, I was so sore after working but I just have to get used to it again. 

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