Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking for Middle Schools for my Son

Okay this is a big responsibility and WHY are there so many choices and deadlines.  When I was growing up...you went to your neighborhood school. Nothing too hard about that.  Not here and not now.

This week I have one tour at a Charter School that my son really wants to go to so of course I'll go check it out. Sounds very interesting and some where my son would really fit in.

Realm Charter School is designed to be a project-based, technology-rich learning environment that promotes critical and socially responsive perspectives. This means that students will learn to think about the world as a set of interconnected systems that can be affected through rigorous studies and action. Students will navigate and create complex information networks, virtual worlds, and immersive learning environments by utilizing emerging technologies. Moreover, through culturally relevant instruction and curricula, students will recognize and own their ability to shape our world and to better humanity.

Next week I go to another Charter School- NOCCS.  This school both kids can go to and its only a couple miles from our house.  This school is more our speed than the school we go to now.  The school we go to now we feel lost and the kids have had a hard time adjusting. But it is an awesome school!

 North Oakland Community Charter School is a public school dedicated to helping children become thoughtful, informed, and inquisitive citizens. NOCCS is a vibrant, diverse learning community driven by respect for each child’s unique intelligence and history. The school’s dynamic and challenging educational approach deepens the intellectual and social capacities of each child.

Wish me luck and I hope we get into one of these schools!!!

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