Thursday, January 3, 2013

10 Steps To Self Care

Found this on Facebook and I love it now going to use it!

1. I learned #1 a long time ago- listen to my stomach.  I stay out of trouble a lot by doing this! 
2. "Exactly" oh wow that is going to be hard since I usually stumble over my words.
3. OMG really I'm the biggest Person Pleaser I know.
4. I can handle this one, no problem.
5. I can't say "Look how fat I look in these jeans"  OK whatever!  LOL
6. My Dreams....I have many and so true never give up! Will have to work on this one.
7. I'm not sure NO is in my vocabulary except to say to my kids and hubby!  I do need to do this though.
8. Yes Yes Yes...not scared.
9. I really need to be kind to myself this year.  Give a little to myself instead of always to the kids.
10. Easier said than doing that's for sure- but will be letting go of a lot in 2013.
11. That's a given,  I hate DRAMA!!!! 

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