Monday, December 20, 2010

Wow...LONG Week- Need to Catch Up.

It's been over a week since my last post but it feels like a month.  I've been super duper busy and now I'm paying for it!  I'm falling behind and I hope I'll be okay for Christmas.

Last Saturday I help run the school's 1st Holiday Bazaar.  I tried all I could to get people there but hey a "1st Annual" might not sound has exciting as a "20th Annual" and man there were all events happening in the area.  We did fine though. My kids had a blast and made $30 each- making their own Xmas cards.  I'll take a picture and post soon.  My son drew his very own "Wimpy Kid" Xmas card. 

Sunday~ worked my butt off at the cafe.  Then came home to a house smelling like crab.  My hubby was making a GUMBO.  My friends came by through out the night and I felt the LOVE.  The Gumbo was yummy!!! My hubby was so proud and that he should be.  My mom tried it for the first time and didn't quite understand why the crab was still in the shell. 

Monday~ Well it was my 42 b'day and I had a GREAT DAY!  Mocha's was delivered to my house by a sweet friend of mine.  My mom took me to get my nails/toes done and that was perfect.  For a brief second I felt like a WOMAN not just a mom!  Hubby and I went out on a date and I had a couple drinks.

Wednesday~ My son's 9th B'day.  I had to work all day but he had a blast with grandma.  Last day of Mom's visit.  We took her to airport and she was charged sooooo much for her car rental so that was the icing on her trip down here.  Man did I feel bad!  I wanted her to have a great time but it was one thing after another plus her back was out- who could enjoy that! 

Thursday~ Babysat in the morning and took care of a sick lil girl. 

Friday- Got called into work...sigh.  Had big plans but hey if I can help out I will!  Needed to start getting ready for the PARTY on Saturday.

Saturday....LEGO PARTY!
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