Friday, December 3, 2010

Lego Party Ideas-Need them :)

My son wants to have a LEGO PARTY.  His best friend had a Lego party last month and its all he has been talking about.  I'm just lost in what to do. I know of course have a lot of Lego's so everyone can build something. 

I did some searching last online and came across a couple games:
~ Guess how many Lego's in a jar kind of thing.
~ Who can build the tallest Lego structure in so many minutes.

I have a wonderful friend looking into making a Lego cake for him.

I guess decorating in bright primary colors- blue, green, yellow, red!

We will order pizza for the food but I do want to have some other munchies...would love some more ideas about that!

If anyone has thrown a Lego party can you please leave some ideas for this mom who just can't think of much!
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