Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday-Good Start

I got up this morning and had 2 cups of coffee then got my ass up to do the WiiFit. Half way thru my mom calls so I sit down for at least 30 minutes talking to her. She had some great news about her future so it was nice to hear that.

I went back to the Wii and finished. Then played with the kids for awhile or actually played until the Bad Azz kids next door came over. The kids will drop anything to play with these kids. No idea, WHY! They are so mean my kids that I actually cringe when they come over. That's not a good feeling. I cleaned for a little bit but not much since its MONDAY, my rest day.

I was suppose to get my hair done today but I just wasn't feeling like going out and dealing with people today.

I got some work done plus played on Farmtown. My new addiction....Farmtown, not good. All my online friends including myself are getting in trouble by our hubbys. I justify it because he plays xbox for hours...well now I have an addiction. But I need help, lol!

What I need to do this week:

* research on my other job...training-classes.com.
* keep up with mtmt
* ty email to banner resv
* entrecard
* WiiFit m-f
* Meeting w/stuart on Wed at 5
* Zumba-Wed 6:30
* Dr appts
* print invoices
* craigslist-soccer banner
* write the team handbook
* work on this blog

I'm sure I might add more and will cross off when I complete tasks.

I'm watching "Dance your ass off" I want to be on this show. In the past 54 days I've lost 6.7lbs. The wii fit told me that this morning. I can't believe it because I was doing nothing but keeping up with these kids.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to Blogging

I really need to keep this blog updated because I have a lot to say!

Starting Monday I'm hoping to get a lil bit more organized and this blog is in my top ten things I need to do every day.

See ya soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Reality Schedule- Oh My!

There sure is a lot of reality shows going on. Most of them I won't be watching but I am excited about Big Brother for sure! I put stars by the shows I watch.

*The Real Housewives of New Jersey [Bravo, May 12 at 11, Tuesdays at 10] news
Beverly Hills Groomer [Animal Planet, May 16, Saturdays at 10]
The Bachelorette 5 [ABC, May 18, Mondays at 9] news
4th and Long [Spike, May 18, Mondays at 10]
*So You Think You Can Dance 4 [FOX, May 21 and 27 at 8, Wednesdays at 8 and Thursdays at 9] news
Re-Inventing Bonaduce! [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 9]
Sex Decoy: Love Stings [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 10]
Intervention [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Obsessed [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Jon & Kate Plus 8 [TLC, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Here Come the Newlyweds [ABC, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Blonde Charity Mafia [The CW, May 26, Tuesdays at 9]
The Little Couple [TLC, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood [Oxygen, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Wipeout [ABC, May 27, Wednesdays at 8]
Tattoo Highway [A&E, May 27, Wednesdays at 10]
What Not To Wear [TLC, May 29, Fridays at 9]
Jesse James is a Dead Man [Spike, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Those Landers Girls [E!, May]
*$250,000 Challenge [HGTV, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Ice Road Truckers [History, May 31, Sundays at 9] news
Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone [History, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Ladette to Lady 3 [Sundance Channel, May]
*I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! [NBC, June 1-24, Mondays through Thursdays at 8] news
Is Your House Killing You? [Sundance Channel, June 2, Tuesdays at 9:30]
Whale Wars [Animal Planet, June 5, Fridays at 9] news
*The Next Food Network Star 5 [Food Network, June 7, Sundays at 9] news
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List [Bravo, June 8, Mondays at 10] news
*Top Chef Masters [Bravo, June 10, Wednesdays at 10] news
She's Got The Look [TV Land, June 11, Thursdays at 9]
Hammertime [A&E, June 14, Sundays at 10]
Wedding Day [TNT, June 16, Tuesdays at 8]
The Lazy Environmentalist [Sundance Channel, June 16, Tuesdays at 9]
NY Prep [Bravo, June 16, Tuesdays at 10]
The Chopping Block [NBC, June 19, Fridays at 8]
Gimme Sugar [Logo, June 22, Mondays at 10]
America's Got Talent 4 [NBC, June 23 and 24, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9] news
The Superstars [ABC, June 23, Tuesdays at 8]
Dance Your Ass Off [Oxygen, June 29, Mondays at 10]
Great American Road Trip [NBC, July 7, Tuesdays at 8]
Blonde Charity Mafia [The CW, July 7 at 9, Tuesdays at 9:30]
I Survived a Japanese Game Show [ABC, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
Ghost Hunters International [SyFy, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
*Big Brother 11 [CBS, probably mid-July] news
*Design Star 4 [HGTV, July 19, Sundays at 10] news
*Hell's Kitchen 6 [Fox, July 21, Tuesdays at 8] news
Dating in the Dark [ABC, July 20, Mondays at 10]
More to Love [Fox, July 28, Tuesdays at 9]
Chefs vs. City [Food Network, July]
Face the Ace [NBC, Aug. 1 and 8 at 9, continues in Sept.]
Tool Academy 2 [VH1, Aug. 2, Sundays]
How'd You Get So Rich? [TV Land, Aug. 12, Wednesdays at 10]
Ghost Hunters [SyFy, Aug. 19, Wednesdays at 9]
*Project Runway 6 [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 10] news
Models of the Runway [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 11] news
Brick City [Sundance Channel, August]
Kourtney and Khloe in Miami [E!, August]
Giuliana & Bill [Style, August]
Steven Seagal: Lawman [A&E, summer]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love Coffee!!

My husband told me the other night coffee is not a FOOD GROUP. WHAT?? What is he trying to tell me, that I'm a lil cranky, lil jumpy, and doing way too much. But I love COFFEE!

I would have coffee 3 to 4 times a day if my tummy would agree with me but it doesn't. Last week I was running on coffee because I guess I was too busy to eat. Wow not good! The kids were fed just not me. We were very low on food and as the mom I will always feed the kids first! I do skip breakfast almost everyday. When will I get it thru my head that I need breakfast. Well thats something I will work on someday, lol! Soon I promise.

Coffee Rules! LOL

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow its been a month....

since I posted GEEZ I must be a bit busy. No worries I have a whole page of things I need to talk about. I have my trip to WA to see my grandson (who is Andre now not Andrew), Lil Mama's 5th B'day, things my kids have said or done, and just day to day stuff I want to share.

I've been staying busy though. Working at the cafe on weekends, running a house, working online w/my bargain site, keeping up with my mom forum, working for training-classes.com approving apps online (love this job), working at Lil Man's school 3-4x a week for at least 4 hrs a day, and my biggest project now is running a scholastic book fair.

I'm tired just writing that down, lol! Anyways I have 3 minutes before I need to wake the gremlins so I'm going to enjoy the last couple minutes enjoying the quiet and drinking my great cup of coffee.

Write more later! Peace out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Leaving for WA trip TODAY!

I'm tired but I have soooooo much to do. Its hard packing and remembering what everyone wants to bring. Basically trying to make everyone HAPPY! I don't think I've ever been so caught up on my laundry in 3 yrs though...lol! Oh my did I just admit that.

The kids were so excited last night that they couldn't go to bed. Hubby was a bit upset since this was our last night together for 9 days. Sorry honey!

Lil Mama got her very own DS yesterday so both kids will have something to do on the plane/airport.

I'm bringing my comp so I'm hoping to do work plus post fun stuff on here.

I get to see my grandson....I hope. My grandma's 90th B'day and my dad's 60th B'day all in one week. We will be busy but its so worth it!

Well off to do more work...a moms job is never done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Andre's 1st Day w/Great Grandma

Well I became a GRANDMOTHER on March 29th...woohoo! His name is Andre Aidan and is just a cutie (like is grandmother of course).

My mom went up to the hospital to get some pictures of Baby Andrew's first day. I live in Cali and they live in Wa so I couldn't go see him but bless my mom's heart she went up there for me.

My Mom and Andrew

Cutie....I know! LOL.

Welcome to this world Baby Andre. I'm coming up to see you on April 15th!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your Breathe Smells Like Death...

...is what my sweet daughter said to her brother!

OMG I almost died. Then of course Lil Man had to prove it to me by blowing in my face. Ewwwww! After fighting that cloud I told him he forget to do something this morning like brush and floss! Sunday's are real relaxed around here since I'm at work and Daddy is in charge, lol!

What a GREAT day we had!

Yesterday, Ron was invited to AIRBRUSH at Redwood City's Little League Opening Ceremony. We had a blast. It was a long day but soooooo worth it. Lil Mama and Lil Man had fun playing with the other kids and watching the baseball games. Ron was non-stop spraying from 9-3. I took the orders, answered questions, and I put t-shirts on the boards for him. The parents and kids were all so friendly. We felt so good about how the day went that we fell asleep with smiles on our faces. Now that was a good day!

We might have to look into other events like this because it was so much FUN!

Thank you Redwood City Little League!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I found my PERFECT Purse~

I of course LOVE this bag but I don't think I could ever bring myself to buy a $69 purse. In my head...there is so many other things you can get for $69, Pam! But if I ever come across lots and lots of money ( I know big wishes) I am buying this!
Hey if you like too look or maybe buy then this store has more to offer: sunglasses, caps, hoodies, handbags, and UGGs.
I know "label label label" but I still like them.

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