Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Baby is 8- What am I going to do NOW?

I know my body is not going to produce anymore babies (boohoo but that is another post on another day)so it hits me the other day like "smack in the face" that that Lil Mama is no longer my little baby! She can't really fit in my lap anymore, she is so independent, and it seems like the less she needs me. I felt a bit sad for a...... second! But then I remember back when they were babies and I think I like the path we are going- forward!

I love my sleep and when I had babies in the house I never slept sound. I always anticipated them waking up so I never allowed myself to really fall in that deep sleep. But NOW wow I sleep like a baby...LOL! That's been happening for about 3 years now.

I love reading ADULT books (no not porn- something other Dr. Seuss)and enjoy them. We always have reading going on in our house but now I can read my books while they are reading their books.

I have other kid smells and things to deal with but I can at least get their help cleaning the mess, babies not so much help! Plus dirty diapers were gross and I'm being honest that I'm so happy that is not been on the daily agenda for a long time- don't miss that!

What am I going to do now..... I'm going to enjoy 8-16 (or 13 with Lil Mama) because I know after that I'm going to have real problems and WISH I had a baby not a teenager!

 Love my kids! They keep me going and striving forward everyday!
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