Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heart My iPad!

If you know anything about me you know I don't always think of myself first! Kids and Hubby always come first...I know i know, I've heard it over and over before. Anyways, back to ME...see I do think of myself, lol! This year with the TAX REFUND I bought a refurbished iPad from the Apple store online. Let me tell you, that was the BEST PURCHASE EVER! Granted when I bought it I used "OUR IPAD" a lot to make sure hubby was OK with me buying something like that. Even though, he just bought a PS3 it wasn't as expensive as the iPad but guess what gets used EVERYDAY...yep the iPad! Over the months "OUR" really turned into "MY" but still anytime he wanted it he can have it. I do all kinds of stuff on the iPad. My favorite APP's are ZITE and FLIPBOARD. I also have Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Kindle, Hootsuite, and many more that I enjoy daily. The kids have a couple games on there and hubby does too! My son and hubby plays a DJ Mixer Pro app all the time. I really like have Evernote on there because when I come across sites I want to bookmark to read later I bookmark them in Evernote. I have a couple apps I don't use that much but tend to down the road. I stalk FREE Apps all the time. When I first got it, the kids weren't allowed on it for months but these days I have to fight them to even get on at night. Lil Man does homework on there and Lil Mama she has a farm going on Farmville. At night when they are all done with homework they turn on the Pandora App and sing/dance to their favorite artist. They each have their own Pandora account and they get 15 minutes each to do their music thing. I'm very happy we (me) bought the iPad and maybe one day I might upgrade to iPad2 and they can have the old one LOL! What are your favorite Apps and what do you use it for?
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