Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Soccer Banners 2011

My husband makes SOCCER BANNERS.  Are you looking for one? The banners are 6x4 with sewn in pockets for PVC pipe (not included). We offer 4 different options/prices to fit every budget.   

1. NAME ONLY~ $65.00: This banner includes only the team , coaches, sponsors, and players names airbrushed in athletic script in team color.

2. BASIC~$85.00: One Mascot Image and Soccer Balls for Names

3. EXTRA~$95.00:One Mascot Image and Simple Design for Names
4. FULL: ($105.00) The whole banner is painted (top to bottom) with Mascot and Simple Design for the Names

We are located in Oakland, California but we WILL SHIP anywhere.  Shipping will cost an additional $5.00 for basic ground.  If you mention that you saw this on PinkMama'sPlace you will get an $1.00 off of shipping (I know not much but hey it's something)

You can leave a comment here and I will send you the soccer banner order info or you can order on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/plIDR6



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