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Wordless Wednesday~ Braided Mohawk

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bay Area Summer Camp for Pre-K to 5th Grade: Camp Galileo

I know a lot of my friends are already thinking about SUMMER CAMPS and what are they going to do with their kids this year.  I stay at home during the week so camp was my house but this year I want to do something different .  There are so many different camps out there but I'm really loving the Galileo Camps.  The offer a wide range of programs. 

Camp Galileo (Pre-K To 5th) Overview: 

Kids are naturally curious and creative. They’re into everything. But with time, some of that natural spirit of exploration can get sucked out of them. Gradually, a fear of mistakes and their consequences can start to grow.

CAMP GALILEO IS A PLACE WHERE FEAR GOES ON HOLIDAY. In its place grows a spirit of exploration and innovation. Every year, we see the experience fire campers’ imaginations and literally change their way of relating to learning.
Nebulas: pre-K to K
Stars: 1st and 2nd graders
Supernovas: 3rd to 5th graders

Every year, Galileo introduces rich, riveting new themes to inspire budding innovators. Each theme combines art, science and outdoor activities around a whimsical week-long narrative that’s crafted to keep kids giggling and engaged. This year features four fresh themes, each adapted for three different age groups. The themes are created together with Galileo’s fabulous curriculum partners at Klutz, The de Young Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation and The Chabot Space & Science Center.

Medieval Adventure: Art and Innovations of Camelot
Hear ye, hear ye! Adventure awaits – in a land of castles, catapults and quests. Come unlock the secrets of medieval artisans and craftsmen. Create golden chalices, printed surcoats and a throne room fit for kings and queens. Engineer projectile-propelling inventions worthy of the noblest knights.

African Safari: Arts and Animals of the Serengeti
Embark on an epic safari adventure. Set off across the Savannah on the lookout for elusive animals. Investigate biomechanics and get under the skin of the continent’s wildest creatures. Find out how to move as quietly as a hippo, or how giraffes support their long necks. Create artwork inspired by Maasai beadwork, traditional batiks and your spectacular surroundings.

Galileo Amusement Park: Art and Science of Circuses, Rides and Carnivals
Step right up to the main event – a colorful carnival of your own design. Create spinning acrobats, circus wagons and arcade games. Attempt astonishing feats of engineering as you build a mini-speedway or your own roller coaster. Construct the most exhilarating expo the world has ever seen.

A break from school doesn't have to mean a break from learning. But it can be a challenge to fill those long summer weeks with camps and classes that are both educationally engaging for kids and convenient for parents. At Galileo, families can have it all. Galileo runs camps kids love from pre-K all the way through 8th grade—where they get engrossed in art projects, science challenges and outdoor activities that make them laugh, think and express themselves with complete freedom—all with the convenience of 38 Bay Area locations, optional extended care and healthy lunch. 

There is also camp for 5th–8th graders-Galileo Summer Quest.  Hurry because the classes are filling up FAST!  Click HERE for more info on these camps. 

This article is sponsored by Galileo

Free Mother's Day Mug PLUS 40 free prints- YorkPhoto.com

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Wow that's really a cool gift to give to Mom.  Yes, you do have to pay for SHIPPING which starts at $5.99 so not bad!  Also I bet she would love pictures of the kids too-so get those FREE 40 prints. 

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Want Clean Energy? Indiegogo Campaign for the Seebeck Effect

I had to look up what Thermoelectric meant and was impressed Seebeck Effect has been around for several hundred years but disappointed that this is not being used. 

From PRWEB Release~
Almost a year ago, several scientists came together to develop ways that would stop the rampant waste of energy that Global industry experiences. They explored the Seebeck Effect, which has been around since 1821, yet was only able to convert waste heat into small amounts of energy. During their research, the Seebeck team had a breakthrough in scaling-up existing technology, and quickly realized its potential to dramatically reduce power consumption, and in the process, significantly reduce greenhouse gasses. Seebeck Research has completed its initial planning and bench development. Their proprietary technology can take large amounts of wasted heat and converts it directly to non-polluting electricity. For example, Industrial plants that produce glass, steel, food, and just about every manufactured item (including recycling plants themselves), waste massive amounts of heat every day. This heat is released into the environment with little, to none being captured and used. Now, with Seebeck’s new technology, this wasted heat can be converted directly into electricity, that can dramatically reduce power consumption the need for the generation of additional energy. 

From Wikipedia: 
The Seebeck effect is the conversion of temperature differences directly into electricity and is named after the Baltic German physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck, who, in 1821 discovered that a compass needle would be deflected by a closed loop formed by two metals joined in two places, with a temperature difference between the junctions. This was because the metals responded differently to the temperature difference, creating a current loop and a magnetic field

Guess What? We can help with the clean energy movement by supporting the Seebeck Effect.  Please visit their campaign page at http://igg.me/at/seebeck . They need to build at least one full sized generator to measure the full effect. They have the team ready but just needs the funds. By contributing or sharing this information this is a way we can make a difference. Having pollution free electricity sounds real good to me and our future.  

Warm Weather Clothing Coupons~ BeFrugal.com

It's that time of year to be thinking about spring/summer clothes.  I know my kids have grown so much the last couple months that they might need a whole new wardrobe and if I can save some money then why not!  If you need to get some warm weather clothes now,  here are some great DEALS from BeFrugal.com- love this site!

Use these coupons from BeFrugal to get ready for warmer weather:

·         Target coupon code: buy 1 get 1 half off on select Cherokee basics for kids, expires 5/4. Plus get 4% cash back.
·         Old Navy coupon code: 20% off any order, expires 5/6. Plus get 4% cash back.
·         Lucky coupon code: 10% off kids’ clothing, expires soon. Plus get 5% cash back.
·         Macy's coupon code: $10 off $75+ order, expires soon. Plus get 3% cash back.
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·        JC Penney coupon code: 10% off sitewide and free shipping on $75+ orders, expires soon. Plus get 3% cash back.

Cash back rates can change from day to day. These rates were valid 4/30. Join now for free and earn cash back when you shop!

Mother's Day: COLLAGEIT PRO GIVEAWAY- 20 WINNERS (12 Windows/8 Mac)- ends 5/11

As a mom I LOVE creating cool collages for my family with my kids in it.  Guess What?  I have 20 codes to GIVEAWAY ((12 Windows and 8 Mac) to my readers for Mother's Day!  What an awesome gift.  

My Review~ I enjoyed reviewing this software.  I put the Collagelt on my iPhone and it was super duper EASY.  I was able to make a collage in 2 minutes.  You can import up to 9 pics and choose many different college templates   I was able to edit, rotate, resize, flip, delete and adjust the border.  There are 4 collage styles Mosaic, Grid, Center, and Manual.  Then I was able to SHARE it with ease.  I can share on Facebook, Email, Tumbler, and Flickr.  My kids now make their own collages and share with their friends.  

The ideas are endless~ make a collage for your honey, mom, dad, friends, kids, or co-workers.

CollageIt Pro is an automatic and easy to use collage maker on Mac OS X & Windows. It excels with its ease of use and hugely reduces manual work. CollageIt Pro is a TOP 10 Photography APP on App Store! 

Here you can see some highlighted features:

  • Making collages is as easy as 1-2-3 with only 3 steps, choose template -> add photos & customize - and export collage.
  • Various layouts and diverse templates.
  • Easily personalize collage by cropping, adjusting photo number, photo space, page margin, rotation, sparse, and so on.
  • Save collage as an image file; set as desktop wallpaper; share through Email; or print it out.

COLLAGEIT PRO GIVEAWAY- 20 Codes (12 Windows/8 Mac)

April 30- May11th 

It comes with with lifetime support too.  Please use the correct form for the code you would like to try and win but you can enter both!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway HOSTED by PinkMama's Place and Sponsored by Pearl Mountain. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

My 11 yr old wants to be GROWN-Sigh!

I'm having a hard time with it because he is still my baby boy but I know this is happening. This year he is in the 5th grade and just recently they had a puberty info class.   Ever since he has been pointing out things that he has been going through.  His voice is changing- I'll give him that, his body odor has changed- need to remind him to put deodorant on these days, his face is breaking out a bit, and there is more but I'll take his word for it.

He is obsessed with having hair though- really dude that is peach fuzz that everyone has.  He wants everyone to see the one black hair he has over his lip.  I still can't see it but his dad can.  This weekend I couldn't find my razor- wasn't in the bathroom anymore.  Weird.  Later that day I find it in the kitchen- WTF!  I knew exactly who to ask- my son.  He informed me he wanted more hair on his legs so he heard if you shaves the part of your body than the hair will grow back and more of it.  Insert ROLLING EYES when I heard his response. I let him know first not cool to use MY RAZOR- ewww but in nice mothering way!  Then I told him to please wait until this process happens and not to be in such a rush to grow up.  He thinks with his body changing that he will be able to do more grown up stuff- like what dude I ask.  He wants to be able to go places by himself- nope, we live in OAKLAND no roaming the streets yet! He is not ready.

I'm not trying to keep him a baby and I do give him more responsibilities than his sister BUT this is a process and no need to rush it! While his dad is away on training he has been the MAN OF THE HOUSE in a way- the first couple days he was playing the part to the tee but this weekend anything and everything I asked his response was "I'll do it later" which really means~ "I'll forget and then my mom will do it."

So not looking forward to the next couple years and his growing pains- however I'm sure this will be easier than when my Lil Mama gets to this age- that I'm not looking forward too!

The Voice~ My Favorite Battle Go TEAM USHER!

Oh My Goodness~ they sung "Ain't No Sunshine" and they ROCKED IT!  I was acting like I was right there in the audience. They both did a fabulous job- so soulful!  Usher was so proud and it looked like it was a very difficult choice but THANKS to Adam they both are still in the competition! Wonder who will be my favorite this week!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

REVIEW: Tops Office Products- Notebooks, Journal, and Legal Pad

I was in Heaven when I opened this box!  As a blogger I love notebooks and items that help me stay organized.  I shared the notebooks though- my hubby had training in Canada so he took a couple of them to try out as well.  Thanks Shoplet for the opportunity to reviews these awesome products.  Shoplet.com can fulfill all your office supplies and promotional products

 Tops Idea Collective Journal:  Item #TOP56874

From Site: The durable covers feel luxurious and the smooth writing paper makes it easy to get carried away. Includes an expanding envelope with attractive yellow gusset to hold odds and ends. Wide ruled acid-free cream paper. Pad Type: Notebook Sheet Size: 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" Ruling: Wide. 

My Review: My husband is using this for keeping track of his expenses/receipts for his mileage/food expenses.  He loves how it fits in backpack side pocket so it's easy access for him.  He says it makes him look professional too.  He loves the expandable envelope for his receipts.  He already is talking about getting  another one.  This product sells for $5.83- very reasonable.  This product comes in handy when you do need to keep track of expenses. 

Tops Idea Collective Notebook:  Item #TOP56879
From Site: Premium details include smooth cream paper with easy-writing wide rules and luxurious yet durable covers. Pad Type: Notebook Sheet Size: 10" x 7 1/2" Ruling: Wide.

My Review:  This notebook is so nice I'm using it for my family memories.  The paper is smooth and the pen just flows on it so nice.  I gave one to my friend to start her WRITING BOOK project.  This notebook is durable and professional looking.  My friend loves it and says she keeps the notebook by her bed and takes it work now.  This is notebook we will be keeping for a long time.  This product sells for $12.02 for 2 pack.  Worth it! 

Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad #TOP77103

From Site: Cornell note taking system provides the user with a clear, concise way to take notes. Perforated sheets for a clean tear every time. This product was made from wood that came from a certified managed forest. 

My Review: This notebook is my FAVORITE!!!  I love how I can write my lists and on the left hand side I can write notes by each list item.  I took a webinar and I was able to take notes and then put my TO DO info in the left hand side. LOVE LOVE this notebook.  My hubby has the smaller size and he said it helped him a lot when he had to take notes at his training.   I actually felt like I was getting stuff done because I was writing a to do list every morning last week.  This notebook kept me organized and productive!  This product is $2.55 per pad- Worth it!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Picture-Perfect Prom Instagram Contest~ Hosted By Olive Garden

Prom Season is almost upon us so Olive Garden is wanting to help! Check out the Photo Contest on Instagram plus get a FREE Dessert with your prom meal. 

Olive Garden is hosting its Picture-Perfect Prom photo-sharing contest on Instagram with a weekly grand prize of a $500 prepaid credit card. Every week of the contest, Olive Garden will also give away five restaurant e-gift cards each valued at $50. Guests can enter now through May 14 by sharing their prom-themed photos on Instagram with #OGProm and following @OfficialOliveGarden. Rules: OfficialOliveGardenRules.com.


A Special Offer: Prom planning is gearing up, and with all the excitement for the big night often comes empty wallets for teens and families. As the ultimate pre-prom dinner destination, Olive Garden offers prom goers a great meal at an affordable price, and now through June 2, every couple who orders pre-prom dinner will also receive dessert on the house—just come dressed for the dance and mention “prom!”

Thanks Olive Garden for sharing this info with my readers! 

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