Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Rocks!

Lil Man and Lil Mama are loving school. Lil Mama does school work every day and she enjoys it. Lil Man is discovering READING as something fun not just to cross it off as done on the homework. Grandma got him a cool book from the Wimpy Kid series and he is reading it everyday.

Lil Man says his teacher smiles a lot. Lil Mama's teacher is a substitute until Ms. Muniz comes back from maternity and that is going very well. The school spirit is awesome and I'm very proud to have my kids in Civicorp Elementary.

Lil Mama doesn't want to take naps at school and she let me know! "Mama, I haven't taken naps for years" really years? She is a trip! So I will pick her up at 2:30 and we will do things around the school until Lil Mam get out at 3:15.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spatula's Where Do You Go?

I was cooking tonight and I was wondering where do all the spatulas go? I've had many over the years and now I'm down to 1. I know this is silly but where did they go? Seems like all the other utensils are still hanging around and holding strong. LOL....hey when you have a lot of time on your hands you think of the most bizarre things. Stayed tune for more just random posts.

Why can't I think about laying out on the beaching sipping a cool drink but no, I have to dwell on where the heck went my spatulas.

Lil Man and GIRLS

Oh my and he is only 7! We were at the park the other day and he comes running over to me and says "Mom, every time I fall down those girls coming running over to see if I'm ok, I think I want to fall down more often." The look on my face I know was WTF....no your 7 no girls please. This is just the beginning and I'm not looking forward to what I'm going to have to deal with, lol! Of course as a mom I wanted to tell the girls to leave my son alone but I couldn't do that, he would be sooo embarrassed. Or maybe I should have ;)!

Back to School

Okay between the woohoo's and jumping up and down I do miss my kids when they are in school. Them being in school gives me more time to do things around the house. I have a long list of projects that need to be done around the house. Sounds exciting huh, lol!

Lil Man is loving his teacher. He says she smiles a lot. That's a good thing. We will be going on an overnight with the whole class in a couple weeks. Lil Man was very concerned if I wanted to go because he knows I'm not a camper but to spend time with my lil guy I'll get over it.

Lil Mama is having a blast in school. She is excited to go there every day. When she got her homework yesterday she wanted to get home and start it. When we got home she went right to the table and started to work. Awww my lil scholar.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Sweet Lil Girl

Lil Mama is a trip most of the time. She is my lil diva and VERY HIGH MAINTENANCE. She works me everyday. It's my fault because I fall for that big smile of hers. She is totally different when we go out in public. She even told me the other day that she will be very good at school and bad only at home. Well gee thanks! I can handle that, lol!

The other day I was scolding her and said "Sahara Rae" she looked at me with the straightest face said "I don't know any Sahara Rae, my name is Sahara" First, I was like oh no I'm doing what my mom did to me...Pamela Jean was always my name when I was in trouble. Then I was like oh no you didn't say that to me little girl. I know I'm going to be shaking my head and rolling my eyes a lot with this girl.

But the BEST love is a child's love and she shows me love everyday in many different ways. Last night she showed me pure love. It was a little chilly last night so I mentioned I was cold. This little girl went over to our heater and stood in front of of it then came over and sat on my lap. At first I was like wow she is warm then I noticed she would get up after a couple minutes and go back to the heater then back to my lap. I looked at her and asked her what she was doing she said "Mommy I'm heating you up, you said you were cold" awwww that warmed my heart soooooo much.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My mom...

is too funny. I told her today I wanted to set her up on Facebook because all her kids are on there with pics of the grand-kids and plus she will have friends on there too.

She declined!

She doesn't want to know what her kids are REALLY doing. I was like huh...I'm 40 what would I be sharing on facebook that would be so bad.

Okay that's fine. She says just send her the pics thru email, I told her that was way too much work and extra steps. I'm sure she rolled her eyes at me over the phone.

Oh well I tried!

Hectic Times but

we will get thru this! School is fast approaching and I still need to get Lil Mama her shots. Ugh I really hate going through this with her.

Lil Man is fighting us about cutting his hair and he is only 7! Right now its in such an awkward state, all curly and looking BAD. I'm all for your own style but looking good for school is important to me...and yes I said me, lol!

Hubby is actually working on a shirt right now that will be on a MTV video...so woohoo. He airbrushed a shower curtain and towels for a customer the other day. I wouldn't do that but hey whatever makes your boat float plus it puts money in our pocket.

We are at the beginning of SOCCER BANNER season. I sew the banners and Hubby airbrushes the artwork. We are noticing a drop from last year but we thought it would happen this year due to the recession. We are thankful for every banner we get to do.

House is under control but when the kids go back to school I'm doing some DEEP CLEANING around here. Maybe then I can accept that we will be living in this small ass house for awhile.

I'm going to spend more time on this blog and making it look nice.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Vacuum vs Computer

Does anyone out there like to vacuum? I do it almost everyday and its not because I want to but because my kids are messy. Yep blame it on the kids. I've asked them to vacuum but of course its not good enough for me. I let them but a couple hours later I go over it just because its not up to my MOMMY STANDARDS ssshhhh don't tell them that. I try to vacuum everyday but some days I just don't want because I'm spending too much time online. If I had to choose between vacuuming and computer time...guess what I will pick. I was vacuuming tonight thinking about all the other stuff I would rather do. No wonder I spend more time on the computer than cleaning...its a lot more fun! I try to balance my time but yes I do have issues on that. This is one of the reasons I do this blog. Help me FOCUS. I know I'm not the only mom who has this issue,lol!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday-Good Start

I got up this morning and had 2 cups of coffee then got my ass up to do the WiiFit. Half way thru my mom calls so I sit down for at least 30 minutes talking to her. She had some great news about her future so it was nice to hear that.

I went back to the Wii and finished. Then played with the kids for awhile or actually played until the Bad Azz kids next door came over. The kids will drop anything to play with these kids. No idea, WHY! They are so mean my kids that I actually cringe when they come over. That's not a good feeling. I cleaned for a little bit but not much since its MONDAY, my rest day.

I was suppose to get my hair done today but I just wasn't feeling like going out and dealing with people today.

I got some work done plus played on Farmtown. My new addiction....Farmtown, not good. All my online friends including myself are getting in trouble by our hubbys. I justify it because he plays xbox for hours...well now I have an addiction. But I need help, lol!

What I need to do this week:

* research on my other job...training-classes.com.
* keep up with mtmt
* ty email to banner resv
* entrecard
* WiiFit m-f
* Meeting w/stuart on Wed at 5
* Zumba-Wed 6:30
* Dr appts
* print invoices
* craigslist-soccer banner
* write the team handbook
* work on this blog

I'm sure I might add more and will cross off when I complete tasks.

I'm watching "Dance your ass off" I want to be on this show. In the past 54 days I've lost 6.7lbs. The wii fit told me that this morning. I can't believe it because I was doing nothing but keeping up with these kids.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to Blogging

I really need to keep this blog updated because I have a lot to say!

Starting Monday I'm hoping to get a lil bit more organized and this blog is in my top ten things I need to do every day.

See ya soon!

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