Friday, October 29, 2010

Wimpy Kid T-shirt my Hubby made for our son

My son designed it though.  He told dad what to put on there.  At school today they had to dress up as their favorite book character and of course WIMPY KID is big in our house.  Lil Mama went as Pinkalicious but the pic wasn't too hot so I hope I can get one when she gets out of school.

Sometimes don't you just want to say F*CK IT!

Last night was one of those times but I held it in and just accepted that this is the way it is!  I'm talking about my kids school.  We had a parent meeting last night and let me see there were 8 parents (3 of us are speakers) the rest was teachers, admin, and other speakers.  We have about 170 families in the school.  We sent out emails, posted on facebook, our yahoo group, told parents face to face, and flyers.  I know (I've heard it many times) it happens at every school, I get that people are busy but I feel like damn do these parents care what is happening at the school and don't they want to know how they can make it better.  They sure do bitch enough to me that's for sure but are they there when we can actually get something accomplished. 

I spend several hours a week on school/parent stuff that I feel its like a freakin full-time job.  I'm trying to reach out, give information, and do what other parents except for the parent leaders but damn this is too stressful! 

I was very discouraged and almost started to cry when I had to talk last night because I felt I was wasting my family time being there last night.  I have better things to do with my time too PEOPLE!  But I'm committed to our school and want it to be a school where our kids can be proud to go.  I feel this past year I've been hit with wall after wall and geez Pam how many bumps in the head do I need to take before I say F**K IT! 

Sorry to be Debbie Downer today but I'm frustrated.  The good thing about this is the ladies that are on the board with me don't take it as personal as I do and they keep me going.  I'm an emotional person and take things way too serious and personal.  So I will sulk today and be right back on track.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Mama Drama

Talked to my son yesterday and so wish I lived closer to him because he needs me!  Before I start I want to make sure everyone knows I don't have anything against my sons ex-girlfriend/baby mama but......damn girl CHILL OUT! 

I know my son is not not perfect and she has had to deal with a lot of crap from him but he wants to be a DAD...let him.

She is telling him that he needs to tell her everything...who, what and when.  He hasn't put my grand baby in danger, the ex doesn't want the baby around new girlfriend.  I told him he doesn't have to tell her all that stuff unless it is a bad situation and it better not be!  She doesn't tell him everything plus she has a boyfriend too so why should he have to.  They are young and will learn that all this silliness is so unnecessary.  Grand baby is the most important and if he loves his daddy and wants to be there than let it happen.

My son wants to take her back to court but she told him if he does than she will tell the court he raped her.  That's when my jaw dropped and I said HELL NO, WTF!  He started crying.  If I could just reach through that phone and give him a big hug and her a big slap upside the head I would.  I told him he has enough people who will testify that they were in a relationship and was having sex way before the baby was conceived.  Plus this is 2 years later...why has it not been brought up before but now in a threat.  Oh yeah because she is young and scared. 
Let the Baby Mama Drama alone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here are a couple of my finds this morning:

http://www.etsy.com/shop/FA2u   I'm in love with these clutches.  Big Hello Kitty fan but the other fabrics are to die for too! 

http://www.etsy.com/shop/kolonclothes  Very pretty dresses- love the prints.

Pink and Earrings are two of my favorite things!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LoreleisAtelier

Looking for something to DIE FOR....Maple Curry Cashews   They are scrumptious and YES I've had them.   I order from Mara Maples almost every month! 

I guess I'm done on Etsy today...I look on there every day and with the holidays coming up I really suggest buying from a shop on Etsy- Homemade is the way to go these days.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Decorating- Oh My!

Going to do Halloween Decorating w/kids tonight.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Happiness Part 2

I was thinking about this all week and YES its CORNY but hey let me have my fun!

Happiness to me is FAMILY

For all the hugs and kisses I get every day
Always surrounded by love
M y family is my world
I laugh and smile everyday!
Loving kids and a loving husband is a joy to have
Yes I feel the HAPPINESS everyday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happiness is....

This is my Happiness!
Part 1!

I almost forgot I had to do this but it popped in my head while I was taking a shower this morning.  When I saw what day I had to this Blog Hop I went OH NO I work on the weekends and barley get on the computer .  So in my head and the perfect world I thought I would do this post ahead of time and be already...haha as usual that didn't happen. 

I grew up with a lot of turmoil so I never really was happy until about 7 years ago when I FORGAVE people who hurt me through out my life.  My shoulders were a lot lighter and I actually can sleep at night.  My life changed when I forgave. 

I was able to LOVE and that is where my full complete happiness came until my life! 

Today, I'm participating in Jennifer from Oh So Very Me's Blog Hop on Happiness. Yesterday's post came from http://yellowrosegiftscompanyblog.blogspot.com/ check out her post about happiness.  Tomorrow please check out http://geeky-mama.com/ for her happiness post. 

I plan to do a Happiness Part 2!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Relationship to my Blackberry

I don't know about others but mine is attached to my hip these day.  Can I leave the house without my phone?  Heck NO!  I will turn around and go get it even if I'm late-which is just about all the time.  Do I use it to make phone calls....no HATE talking on the phone.  Texting and emailing is what I use my BB for! 

My birthday is coming up and I've already hinted enough to hubby what phone I want.  I would love a Blackberry Torch.  My BB now has a crack down the middle thanks to lil man!  But it still works so I'm good until my hubby buys me a new phone (like how I threw that in).

My hubby said the other night if he ever catches me emailing/texting at 1am in the morning he will throw my phone away!  WTH....do I say anything about the endless hours of Xbox playing he does and I'm going to throw his xbox away.  No, but I've thought about it MANY times! 

I got to thinking WOW I would be totally lost w/o my Blackberry and that's scary to think like that but hey I'm honest.  On my phone I go to facebook, twitter, google, take/send pics, games for the kids when we are stuck somewhere, and of course music!  I'm sure I'm missing out on other cool things but for now this is all I can handle.

Should I be this attached to a phone...probably not but it has saved me many times over and I'm standing by my Blackberry!  If anyone tries to take (hear this hubby) my BB then we will have issues.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FlyLady~ Who Does This?

Well I'm going to give it shot!  I remember a couple years ago I tried Flylady and I was bombed with email after email and so I stopped. 

Holidays are around the corner and I'm grown enough that I should be throwing a FABLOUS holiday party...LOL!  It's all about the kids so if I'm prepared and not stressed on what my house looks like. I might actually have a FUN holiday not a stressful one. 

So I know I'm late but Fly Lady says's its OK! 

Here is the home page for FLYLADY- a lot of info http://www.flylady.net/index.asp

The Holiday Mission - http://www.flylady.net/pages/HolidayCruising1.asp

Okay- time to get my booty moving :) 

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