Thursday, May 16, 2013

Overcoming My Blogging Comfort Zone

I've been stepping out of my comfort zone this past month by reaching out to other bloggers and networking.  My numbers have grown through out all my social media sites.  So it's true you still have to communicate even if its online.  NETWORKING works!

It's hard to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.  I've been applying for blog job offers.  I'm not thinking I don't have enough experience and then not apply.  I'm going for it!   At this point I'm not upset if I don't get any of the positions I'm just happy I put myself out there and applied.

Connecting with others is important to grow any business even a blog.  Reach out by commenting on other blogs, retweeting, liking posts on Facebook, sharing pins on Pinterest and overall just getting involved.  You can't expect your blog to grow if all you do is post.

I joined Facebook groups that are in my niches (moms, reviews, and giveaways) and it has been a blessing.  I've met some awesome bloggers that I'm learning from every day.

Watch out Blogging World~ here comes PinkMama!  2013 is going to be my year I come out of this Blogging shell!

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